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client stories

It was a wonderful opportunity to meet you, and the session was truly valuable. It provided me with a newfound sense of clarity regarding the areas where I’ve been falling short or neglecting. I’m genuinely appreciative of your guidance in prompting me to think more deeply about the direction I want to steer this business in.”


Silver Reeds Boutique – Namibia

With your guidance, we embarked on the journey of strengthening our value proposition, shifting our focus from website development to forming strategic partnerships with our clients to foster the growth of their businesses. After this program I’m confident that I’ll take Zimbabwe by storm.


Akiltech Co – Zimbabwe

Despite sitting in different countries, we’ve always felt like they are part of us, accessible whenever we needed them. I also love the feedback we get from our clients, Miyelani and his team have helped us build a powerful image here in the Copperbelt.


Vernken Innovations – Zambia

Each session has played a pivotal role in enabling me to gain a deeper understanding of how to structure my business for profitability and establish my brand. From the very first session until now, your assistance has not only stimulated intense introspection regarding my business but has also illuminated a clear path for straightforward implementation.


Ntombi Ya Mutsonga – South Africa

Masterclass: Rethink Business

For businesses seeking to position profitably, communicate with clarity, scale their impact and better maximize opportunities for growth in today’s changing landscape.

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Gain access to an exclusive circle of entrepreneurs, mentorship, proven systems for running your business on autopilot + preferential rates to business events.

Clarity Coaching

Find clarity, Build Authority, Scale Your Impact. Helping you position profitably, develop a powerful brand, a marketing engine that attracts ideal clients and communicate your valuable difference with clarity and impact.

Partnering with higher education institution

“In the dynamic landscape of business and entrepreneurship, the role of education extends beyond the confines of traditional classrooms.”, says Miyelani

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meet miyelani

Miyelani is a strategy consultant and the founder of a brand transformation consultancy with clientele in South Africa, Kenya and most of the SADC regions (Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe).

Miyelani spent over a decade of his career life in the broadcasting/media space with a multinational broadcaster primarily focusing on content research and business advisory tailored to the African market, particularly in East and Southern Africa

Driven by his vision of fostering a better future, Miyelani acknowledges the pivotal role of education in nurturing tomorrow’s leaders. He has led numerous workshops, masterclasses, and events aimed at empowering both emerging and established entrepreneurs.

By forging strategic alliances with higher education institutions, he actively contributes to building a robust ecosystem that not only supports academic excellence but also provides practical pathways for emerging entrepreneurs and professionals.

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